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Cold War Remarketing, Inc. imports a wide variety of Cold War Era equipment and vehicles.
You should really check out the Hagglunds BV-206 All Terrain (and we DO mean ALL Terrain) Tracked Transports we have in stock... they really are AWESOME and they are AMPHIBIOUS, too! Demo BV-206's are here. These are VERY NICE and they have FORD V-6 Engines... simple to maintain and get cheap parts! Photos, Specs and Prices are now posted... PRE-PURCHASE DISCOUNTS DO APPLY TO THE BV-206's we order shipped directly to you from Sweden! Our Swiss Pz 68 Tank is sitting pretty in the warehouse... it sports a 105mm Gun, Neutral Pivot Steering, NBC Self Contained Environmental System and so much more... YEAH, BABY, YEAH! We also have a really nice Soviet Diesel URAL 8-Ton 6x6 Prime Mover in stock... Nice!
There are no more of these rare WWII US Tank Destroyers left in stock. These Tank Destroyers are fully tracked, fully armored vehicles, which were purpose-built to KILL the heavily armored German Tanks that were so difficult to deal with in WWII. These are very rare and are in running condition. This is the M-36 Fisher by General Motors... and you thought that a '59 Cadillac was big! The M-36 is basically a Sherman Torso with a BIG GUN!
General Motors' M-36 Fisher. Bye, bye Dodge 600! CRUNCH!
It has been upgraded with an OVER 2,000 CUBIC INCH V-12 Diesel Engine, 5-speed transmission, full rotation turret and a Slamming 90mm Main Gun! This is a really big hunk of Detroit Steel that rides smooth as silk. These tank destroyers are shown by appointment only. All of CWRI's tank destroyers have deactivated guns and require no special federal permits to own.