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Rocky Mountain Moggers

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Ron DePugh's Unimog club is centered in the Denver area. The Moggers embark on frequent outings and trail rides.

Rocky Mountain Pinzgauers

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The official site of the First and Largest Pinzgauer Club in North America.

Factory UNIMOG Club

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This is the site for the Unimog Club, Gaggenau, in Gaggenau, Germany, where the Unimog was built for 50 years! This site is in German, but if you join the club, you will begin to get the Unimog Heft'l, which is the Club Magazine. This is an EXCELLENT Publication with many specifications and photos... so much so that it does not matter that it is in German! The Membership Application is in ENGLISH! Plan a trip to Gaggenau for a Club Function and visit the Factory! Have some nice German Beer! Talk Unimogs with the undisputed Experts... the guys that have been designing & building them! See MANY Unimogs IN ACTION! Well worth the trip! This has been a VERY FRIENDLY Club!

Nasty Storm at the Old Location

Click the Highlighted Link to get to see what it looked like When The Roof Caved-In At Cold War! 
This is a Photo of what it looked like inside our facility when the roof came down after a Blizzard in late March of 2003. They said that it was a Once in One Hundred Year Storm... If you ask me, that's still too often!!! What a MESS! Yes, we have a Roof Again... but that didn't happen until November! Over 500 buildings in Douglas County were damaged or destroyed by the storm and we had to wait for our number to come up on a very long list. Oh well... at least the Walls Stayed Up & No One Was Hurt!


Click the Highlighted Link to get to SWPA (South West Pinzgauer Association): 
Just like the name says... this is the link to the SWPA!


Hagerty Historic Military Vehicle Insurance NOW with a LOCAL BRANCH in Golden, Colorado... WOO-HOO!!! Call Zach Hazelhurst DIRECTLY at 303-815-3624 for a quote. Let him know that you heard about him from Cold Wat!

Tech Support Links... More Coming All The Time!

Pinzie Exhaust Re-Route

Click the Highlighted Link to get to see the Step-By-Step Pinzgauer Muffler Re-Route: 
This is a step-by-step layout on installing an aftermarket muffler with a re-routed exhaust outlet on the Pinzgauer. It will work on 710 & 712 and is good for BOTH Hard Top K & Soft Top M series vehicles, too.

Tired of FREEZING in Your Pinzgauer During the Winter Months?
Eberspacher (Esbar) and Webasto Too Wimpy?
Running a Second Tank for Diesel Too Messy & Inconvenient?

You really need to check out the Pinzgauer Heater in the Pinzgauer Parts Section under the Parts Type HEAT!! Makes your Pinz a very comfortable Year Round Truck! Main Cabin Heat and Defrost!! Rear Cabin Heating for your Passengers! If you couple this heater with the Custom Insulated Soft Top, Your Pinzgauer becomes a Completely Different Animal!!

This is an explanation of the Pinzgauer Driveline Upgrade that addresses the Vibration Issue which is common to All Gasoline Pinzgauers.

Basically, the Swiss, Saudi, Venezuelan and Austrian Pinzgauers were delivered with Convoy Speeds of 35 to 40 MPH in mind. The mission capability specs have changed over the years. Now, 75 MPH is more the norm for a vehicle of this size... as is the case with Turbo Diesel Pinzgauers. So... in order to meet this mission spec... over the last 40+ years, there have been some technical improvements in the Pinzgauer. The Driveline in Today's Turbo Diesel is, for all intents & purposes, merely an Upgraded Version of Yesterday's Gasser! By doing a Driveline Tear Down & Rebuild AND incorporating all of those driveline upgrades All At Once you get a reduction of vibration and drag in the driveline, resulting in a quieter running, more powerful, more economical Pinzgauer WITH a lengthened driveline/vehicle life! The short version is: If you own a US Legal Gasoline Powered Pinzgauer and you have not performed the Driveline Upgrade, odds are that it is not a matter of "if" you will need to do the upgrade, but more a matter of "when" to do it. It is probably better to do it before you have a catastrophic failure (READ AS: Hideously Expensive With Potentially Broken Gears & Cases) when you can plan the down time and none of the internals have GRENADED, as opposed to having the driveline rupture and leave you stranded! OK, here is the scary part that no one wants to talk about... a 4x4 is going to cost you around $4800 to $7000 for the Rear (Diff., T-case, Prop, Main & Stub Shafts, EXII Pinion Upgrade, Seals & Bearings) and if the Front needs to be gone through (and 99.9% of the time IT DOES) that is about $2500 to $3000 additional. Add another $1200 to $2000 for a 6x6. ALL OF THESE NUMBERS ARE FOR A PINZGAUER THAT HAS THE UPGRADE DONE BEFORE IT HAS HAD ITS DRIVELINE BLOW APART AND GRENADE ALL OF THOSE EXPENSIVE GEARS & HOUSINGS!! Remember, the Pinzgauer Driveline IS The Backbone of the Vehicle. It is Critical to good vehicle operations! Also, this is a non-recurring expense. It is a True UPGRADE of a combat proven platform and Well Worth Doing!! COLD WAR REMARKETING can do this for you!



Got a Winch and a Sub Frame that looks ANYTHING like this? Looks Good, Right??

WRONG!!!! Because THAT is Exactly how you should NOT do it!!

See the little "cracks" in the lower photo of the series of photos above here? Well... Them Ain't Just 'Paint-Flakes' Folks!!

Think Not?? Well... look at these with Light Shining Through Those Cracks From INSIDE THE CAB!

Here it is, LIGHTS OFF...

Here it is, LIGHTS ON!!

OUCH!!! In case it has just not dawned upon you, THIS IS BAD!!!!

This is a classic example of improper design and implementation that resulted in the Damage to the Pinzgauer's Cab.

The Angles place TOO MUCH STRESS on the Body and do not transfer enough energy to a reinforcment... like an Upgraded Sub Frame... to prevent flexing of components that were not designed to flex... and, as a result, they will suffer from stress failures... aka: CRACKS... Just Like It Has In These Photos!!

It will Spring your Doors, Bend The Nose, Weaken the Body, Allow for Water, Dirt, Cold Air & RUST Intrusion!!

I wish that I could say that this was the first instance of this type of damage that I had see... but that is just not the case!


Yes... We Can Fix It... but why not just bring your Pinz to Cold War and have it done RIGHT in the first place!?!

UPDATE: We have now fixed 7 of these... PLEASE... PEOPLE... DO NOT PUT A WINCH ON THE FRONT OF A PINZGAUER WITHOUT THE ADDITION OF A REINFORCED FRONT SUBFRAME!! You are just going to damage your vehicle if you actually USE that winch!!!.



COLD WAR REMARKETING now has Upgraded, Rebuildable, Multi-Piece Limit Straps for $165 Each. If... and that is a REALLY BIG IF... you happen to break one of the strap sections, replacements are only $65. We have been testing them for 5 years now and they REALLY WORK!!! Send us an email about the new Upgraded, Rebuildable, Multi-Piece Limit Straps for only $165 Each... you'll be glad that you did! SPECIAL ORDER ONLY... MADE TO-ORDER... PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO PLACE ORDERS.